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                  About SPSS macros


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                      The Asynchronous Problem


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                        Links to SPSS (and not only SPSS) resources

                        SPSS Programming and Data Management Book


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                          Raynald's SPSS Tools v2.0

                            Andrew Wheeler's Blog

                              Syntax For Item Analysis V6

                                Clustering @ Kirill’s SPSS macros page

                                  Replace 'Page Title' in Output left pane


                                      Pass an Argument to Python with DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE

                                        Kirill’s SPSS macros page

                                          Kirill’s SPSS macros page

                                            Pull data from SPSS dataset, process in R and push results back as a Pivot Table

                                              Statistik und SPSS-Tutorial

                                                John F. Hall. Journeys in Survey Research

                                                  SPSS Community @ IBM developerWorks

                                                    What to check running older Basic scripts on modern SPSS versions

                                                      Process Multiple Files In a Folder

                                                        SPSS tutorials from Ruben Geert van den Berg

                                                          Statistik Glossar – Alles rund um SPSS @ Novustat (German)

                                                            Kirill’s SPSS macros page

                                                              Calculate utility of EuroQol 5D questionnaire

                                                                Joe's blog on Automation

                                                                  Extract volume units from string

                                                                    LE SITE SPSS à l'UdeS

                                                                      Added code highlighting features

                                                                        Programming Book Page - with SPSS Statistics 24 link

                                                                          Validate Content Format in a String Variable

                                                                            Replace Values Higher than n (Updated)

                                                                              Using Excel to Write SPSS Syntax

                                                                                Convert first letter of each word to Uppercase

                                                                                  Clustering Criterions

                                                                                    Collection "Various proximities" has been updated

                                                                                      Clustering Criterions update

                                                                                        Partitions comparison

                                                                                          Updates on Kirill's Macros page

                                                                                            Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs

                                                                                              Data Dictionaries and Frequency Distributions from Multiple .sav Files in a Folder — to Excel

                                                                                                Updates on Kirill's Macros page

                                                                                                  Kirill's "Various proximities" macros collection - update

                                                                                                    Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs: update

                                                                                                      SPSS Programming and Data Management - links updated

                                                                                                        Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs v4

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