About a year ago the author of "Raynald's SPSS Tools", Raynald Levesque, let me know that he decided to reduce the amount of SPSS programming services to have more time for his family (including 5 grandchildren!) on retirement. He was looking for a volunteer who will take over spsstools.net site. In 2005-06 I created Russian version of spsstools.net (spsstools.ru) by translating almost all pages and code comments of the original web-site. That was a great possibility to learn a lot about SPSS. I suggested myself to be Ray's successor.

In September 2014 we had finished domain transfer. Thank you very much, Raynald!

Now I am responsible for site content and operation. As Raynald, I am not IBM's employee (currently IBM is the vendor of SPSS product). Starting from 2009 I am with Predictive Solutions company (based in Moscow, Russia), dealing with statistical consulting and data mining, developing SPSS-based solutions, as well as with SPSS training and licensing SPSS products.

There are a lot of plans on developing spsstools.net. Hopefully the will be some time to implement, at least 5-10 percent of them :) Say, Python page of the collection could be extented greatly to mirror the current role of Python in SPSS programming. The integration of SPSS with R is another topic which might be interesting to spsstools users.

I wish to thank also current and (I hope!) future contributors to the code collection. Any suggestions and remarks on site content are welcomed.

I chose to start my work on spsstools.net with clearly minor issue of updating site look, and spent on it some of my New Year holidays ;-) As a by-product of studying Developing Data Products course at Coursera, I've got to know Bootstrap framework (not to be mixed with bootstrap estimation in statistics :-) and fashioned web-page in that style. To make site self-sufficient in terms of overheads I introduced ad banners, separated from the content. Hope you'll like the new look of spsstools.net. If not, here is the web page you used to: legacy.spsstools.net. It remains fully functional. You'll find there Ray's contacts in case you want e-mail to the founder of SPSS Tools project.

Anton Balabanov