Sept. 13, 2021

Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs: update

Version 4 of KO_macros.spe is available to download.
Installing this Extension makes you able to run most important of
Kirill's macros from menu dialogs of SPSS Statistics.
In version 4, Dialogs for creation of dummy and contrast variables ...

April 29, 2021

SPSS Programming and Data Management - links updated

Updated the links to the IBM site for the book (IBM SPSS Statistics versions 23 and 24).

Jan. 23, 2021

Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs: update

Version 3 of KO_macros.spe is available to download.
Installing this Extension makes you able to run most important of Kirill's macros from menu dialogs of SPSS Statistics.

Procedures in this extension include: Hierarchical Cluster Analysi...

Nov. 26, 2020

Kirill's "Various proximities" macros collection - update

New macro !PROXBIN was added on Kirill's SPSS macros page to "Various proximities" collection. The macro computes a large number of distance or similarity measures for binary (dichotomous) data. All most important coefficients designed s...

July 30, 2020 | Update

Updates on Kirill's Macros page

Updated versions of the macros doing Hot-deck Imputation of missing
values are available on Kirill's macro page,

"Impute missing data" collection.

July 17, 2020 | New Python script

Data Dictionaries and Frequency Distributions from Multiple .sav Files in a Folder — to Excel

New python code.

March 23, 2020 | Update

Run Kirill's macros from Dialogs

Some of Kirill's macros are now able to run from menu dialogs created
for them; but you must have SPSS Statistics versions 24+, to use that.

Please visit Kirill's page, if you are interested.

Jan. 8, 2020 | Update

Updates on Kirill's Macros page

Updates on Kirill's Macros page:

  1. Considerably enriched with options macro to compute Gower similarity (see "Various proximities").
  2. New procedure for hierarchical cluster analysis with exotic linkage methods: Hausdorff distance and other (s...

May 2, 2019 | New collection:

Partitions comparison

New functions to compare partitions (clusterings, groupings, classifications) where added to Kirill's SPSS Macros Page. Find there various measures of similarity of groups, like external clustering criteria and agreement indeces.

Aug. 16, 2018 | Collection update:

Clustering Criterions update

"Clustering criterions" collection has been further enriched on SPSS Kirill's Macros page.

Feb. 23, 2018 | Collection update:

Collection "Various proximities" has been updated

Collection "Various proximities" has been updated on Kirill's macros page. There appeared SPSS macro !PROXQNT which computes a diversity of similarity or dissimilarity (distance) measures for quantitative data, the majority of them being...

Nov. 12, 2017 | Collection update:

Clustering Criterions

"Clustering criterions" collection was considerably updated on Kirill's SPSS macros page. Clustering criterions are used to compare results in cluster analysis and to decide on the best number of clusters in it.

Sept. 14, 2017 | Syntax revision:

Convert first letter of each word to Uppercase

Syntax revision: Convert first letter of each word to uppercase (v.2)

Also the Python-based solution for this problem was added: Capitalize each word in a string variable

July 4, 2017 | New blog post:

Using Excel to Write SPSS Syntax

IBM SPSS Statistics and Microsoft Excel are the tools perfectly complementing each other. We use Excel files for import and export data to/from SPSS, export end editing SPSS output. In this post we consider a small hint actively used by ...

April 25, 2017 | Added syntax:

Replace Values Higher than n (Updated)

This is a version of syntax Replace values higher than n by the mean of the other values, adapted to capabilities of modern SPSS versions (tested with IBM SPSS Statistics 24). Code is much simpler as we don't need anymore to store aggreg...

April 24, 2017 | New Python script:

Validate Content Format in a String Variable

New python script has been added to the collection. This is a more general (more flexible and powerful) solution for the problem of string validation, considered in Test SSN example in Syntax section. The solution uses regular expression...

April 23, 2017 | Page updated:

Programming Book Page - with SPSS Statistics 24 link

SPSS Programming and Data Management Book page was updated with link to ZIP with Programming and Data Management for IBM Statistics, revision for version IBM SPSS Statistics 24. The link is guided to site.

April 17, 2017 | New features:

Added code highlighting features

Code highlighting features were added to the site. Now the collection and code portions scattered throughout the site are colored with syntax, VB-scripts, Python or R syntax rules, depending on code snippet language. This helps with code...

Oct. 8, 2016 | New link:


Great academic site having wide coverage of statistical methods available in SPSS: theory, guides and interpretation. For francophone students. At Université de Sherbrooke, Canada site. Thanks to Eric Yergeau!

June 18, 2016 | New Python script:

Extract volume units from string

With regexps

June 14, 2016 | New link:

Joe's blog on Automation

Joe Glines ( has something to share on SPSS and general automation stuff!

June 8, 2016 | New Syntax

Calculate utility of EuroQol 5D questionnaire

by Antonio J Garcia Ruiz

Dec. 26, 2015 | Macro update:

Kirill’s SPSS macros page

"Functions for MATRIX — END MATRIX" collection at Kirill's SPSS macros page has been updated.

Nov. 15, 2015 | New link:

Statistik Glossar – Alles rund um SPSS @ Novustat (German)

In unserem Glossar finden Statistik-Studenten und Interessierte zahlreiche Anleitungen, Tipps und Wissenswertes aus der Welt der Statistik.

Oct. 15, 2015 | New tutorial:

SPSS tutorials from Ruben Geert van den Berg

Check out SPSS Tutorials site, if you didn't it yet. You'll probably like it.

Sept. 20, 2015 | New Python script:

Process Multiple Files In a Folder

This example is to demonstrate how to read files in a folder one by one using Python script, and do something with them in SPSS.

Sept. 19, 2015 | New SPSS Note:

What to check running older Basic scripts on modern SPSS versions

This is summary on the important compatibility note in official SPSS help.

Sept. 1, 2015 | Syntax update:

Syntax For Item Analysis V6

The misprint affecting the correctness of selecting key case for marking was corrected. The detailed description is inside the syntax.

Aug. 8, 2015 | Macro update:

Clustering @ Kirill’s SPSS macros page

New enhanced version of hierarchical cluster analysis macro appeared on Kirill's macro page (see "Clustering" there). The macro is more flexible than standard SPSS procedure Cluster.

July 12, 2015 | New Python script:

Replace 'Page Title' in Output left pane

Replacement with Title content to enhance navigation. New script at Python section by Albert-Jan Roskam.

July 12, 2015 | New link:


Albert-Jan Roskam's development for reading and writing SPSS files via Python. It is a cross-platform Python interface to the IBM SPSS Statistics Input Output Module. Read or Write SPSS system files (.sav, .zsav). New link at Python sect...

July 12, 2015 | New Python script:

Pass an Argument to Python with DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE

Another way to pass parameters to Python. New Python script by Albert-Jan Roskam.

April 8, 2015 | Macro update:

Kirill’s SPSS macros page

"Functions for MATRIX — END MATRIX" collection at Kirill's SPSS macros page has been updated.

March 21, 2015 | New page:

Kirill’s SPSS macros page

Kirill’s SPSS macros, a collection of macros written by Kirill Orlov and appeared in 2005 on his page at, has moved to our site and will reside here from now on. It will occupy a separate corner in the rubric of Macros. SPSS S...

March 20, 2015 | New R script:

Pull data from SPSS dataset, process in R and push results back as a Pivot Table

Steve Sizmur PhD, Chief Statistician at Picker Institute Europe suggested this code. Thank you, Steve! It illustrates how to read data for a set of variables (var1 to var4), get the variable information from SPSS and then process them — ...

March 20, 2015 | New link:

Statistik und SPSS-Tutorial

This community operates since 2006. It contains several tutorials on SPSS and active forum (in German). From English description of the site: "Statistik-Tutorial wants to offer guidance on statistical problems and the use of software pac...

Feb. 4, 2015 | New link:

John F. Hall. Journeys in Survey Research

John's site was first published in October 2009. It unifies almost 50 years of author's experience in the field of survey research and analysis of survey data and more than 40 years of using SPSS. Survey Analysis Workshop, Survey Researc...

Feb. 3, 2015 | New link:

SPSS Community @ IBM developerWorks

Link to IBM's SPSS Community is at Communities section of the Links page. Downloads (including programmability plugins and extension commands), technical papers and active forums, separated by major topics/products. Suggested by Jon Peck...

Jan. 31, 2015 | New link:

Andrew Wheeler's Blog

Added the link to Andrew Wheeler's Blog at Links page. Check it out to see posts on SPSS charts, syntax and macros, Python, R, etc.

Jan. 9, 2015

Raynald's SPSS Tools v2.0


About a year ago the author of "Raynald's SPSS Tools", Raynald Levesque, let me know that he decided to reduce the amount of SPSS programming services to have more time for his family (including 5 grandchildren!) on retirement. H...