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Support site for the book SPSS Programming and Data Management

I am the author of the above, it is published and distributed by SPSS


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Sample Code

Sample SPSS Syntax

Sample syntaxes are classified along the following categories:

  1. Area Under the Curve
  2. Batch Files
  3. Block Designs
  4. Bootstrap and random numbers
  5. Charts and Tables
  6. Cluster Analysis
  7. Combinations, Permutations, Interactions
  8. Compute
  9. Concatenate/modify string variables
  10. Data Editor
  11. DataValidation
  12. Dates and Time
  13. Distributions, Confidence Interval
  14. Export Import
  15. Factor Analysis

Sample Macros

  1. Macro variables
  2. Self adjusting macros
  3. Unclassified
  4. Utilities

Tip: Search for !ENDDEFINE to find all macros in this site (there are more than 140 macros)


Kirill's page on SPSS Macros

Macros section includes extensive collection of well-done macros developed by Kirill Orlov.

  1. Kirill's SPSS macros collection
  2. About SPSS macros
  3. SPSS Links, recommended by Kirill


  1. Self adjusting code


Sample R Scripts

  1. Pull data from SPSS, process in R and push results back into Pivot Table


Standard Data Files

This page is dedicated to SPSS syntax to work with publicly available data files

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA)



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Other citing

This page contains links to other Web sites or documents which refer to this Web site but do not contain, as far as I know, SPSS or statistical related information.