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No, Python is not a snake!

Starting with version 14, it is possible to run Python Scripts synchronously with SPSS syntax files. This opens up many exciting opportunities. 

Python is an Open Source interpreted, interactive, object-oriented language (see ). I bought and recommend Beginning Python, From Novice to Professional by Magnus Lie Hetland. The book is published by Apress and is available from Amazon.

In May 2007, I made a presentation in Prague on Python and GGRAPH, the related programs are in this page.

Index of Sample Python Scripts

Python scripts are broadly classified by purposes as follows:

  1. Self adjusting code
  2. Age-adjusted prevalence using SPSS Complex Sample
  3. XML files
  4. Temporary

To err is human but ... some people are more human than others.


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  1. Command depends on existence of a var.sps
  2. Pass an argument to python.SPS
  3. Run macro only if there are cases.SPS (very useful to avoid runtime errors when dataset becomes empty as a result of SELECT IF or similar commands.)


  1. This tool greatly simplifies the writing of syntax to determine age-adjusted prevalence using SPSS Complex Sample Survey.  Instructions, datasets, and sample results are all included in the following zip file: 
    The instructions acknowledges the contributions of those who gave Juan Albertorio, Art Kendall and myself a hand with the preparation of this python module and related documents. 
  1. This module reads and converts sample.xml into a sav file. You need to change the extension from .txt to .py once you have downloaded the module.
  1. Hide cell when less than n persons.SPS
  2. (Note: This file does not use Python, it will be relocated later)


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