1. Self Adjusing Code
  2. Working with Many Files
  3. Output Document
  4. XML files
  5. Age Adjusted Prevalence
  6. Data Import and Export
  7. Strings
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Self Adjusing Code

  1. Command depends on existence of a var.sps
  2. Pass an Argument from SPSS to Python
  3. Run Macro Only If There Are Cases (very useful to avoid runtime errors when dataset becomes empty as a result of SELECT IF or similar commands)
  4. Pass an Argument to Python with DATAFILE ATTRIBUTE

Working with Many Files

  1. Process Multiple Files In a Folder

Output Document

  1. Replace 'Page Title' of TITLE commands in SPSS with actual title

XML files

  1. module that reads and converts xml into a sav file (sample xml-file is here)
  2. Read Sample XML file (to demonstare how script works)

Age Adjusted Prevalence

  1. Age-Adjusted Prevalence

Data Import and Export

  1. Python savReaderWriter package (link to Python package repository with Albert-Jan Roskam's development for reading and writing SPSS files without SPSS Statistics application installed)


  1. Extract volume units from string (using regexp in Python)